A collection of videos from Final Fantasy XII in the order you see them as you progress through the game.

FMV Videos

Name Description
Opening FMV Video The epic begins.
FMV Video 1 Vayne speaks to the people of Rabanastre.
FMV Video 2 Balthier and Fran make their entrance.
FMV Video 3 The Ifrit attacks. Balthier, Fran and Vaan make their escape.
FMV Video 4 The Strahl is introduced. The party sets course for Bhujerba.
FMV Video 5 Vaan, Basch, Balthier and Fran are brought aboard the Leviathan as prisoners.
FMV Video 6 Fran pilots the others out of the Leviathan and away from the Imperial fleet.
FMV Video 7 Gabranth returns to Archadia.
FMV Video 8 Vaan reacts to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea.
FMV Video 9 A group of Urutan-Yensa ride through the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea.
FMV Video 10 The Imperial fleet greets your party outside the Tomb of Raithwall.
FMV Video 11 The "Dawn Shard" causes an explosion while the party narrowly escapes.
FMV Video 12 The party watches as the Imperial fleet makes its way to Mt. Bur-Omisace.
FMV Video 13 Ashe has a flashback about a conversation with Rasler on their wedding day.
FMV Video 14 The party enters the Draklor Laboratory.
FMV Video 15 The Bahamut approaches Rabanastre in the form of a tornado.
FMV Video 16 Ondore leads the resistance in a massive air attack against the Empire.
FMV Video 17 Ashe and Vaan, while impersonating Larsa, convince Ondore to cover the Strahl as Balthier maneuvers it through the battlefield and docks the Bahamut.
FMV Video 18 The battle between the resistance and the Empire continues.
FMV Video 19 Vayne reaches his final form by absorbing manufactured Nethicite.
Ending FMV Video 1 The epic concludes, part 1.
Ending FMV Video 2 The epic concludes, part 2.

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