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Chaining Glitch

During a battle chain, if you successfully petrify an enemy of a different type that, when defeated normally, would break the chain... the chain will NOT be broken once said enemy turns to stone. In addition, the Loot dropped by this enemy will match the quality of the Loot being dropped by the chained enemy. For example, if after chaining 75 Hyenas in Giza Plains you decide to petrify the Wildsnake found outside the Nomad Village, the Loot it drops will be equivalent to the amount of Loot you would receive should you have been chaining Wildsnakes the entire time. Furthermore, after the petrified enemy is dead, it will immediately respawn after moving only one screen away and then coming back (as opposed to the two screens most enemies require).

As you can see, this method proves very useful when needing to farm tedious Loot from enemies that rarely appear... such as the "Snake Skins" that are required for "Tournesol."

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