The Garif are depicted as appreciators of nature. Their size and stature is larger than that of Humes, and their toned bodies are covered in thick fur. They also have superior olfactory and auditory senses, which make them excellent hunters when the need arises. Even so, Garif generally dislike violence and prefer to spend their time raising "nanna," practicing geomancy and being merchants.

Garif | FFXII US

Opposed to machinery and iron, most Garif choose to adorn themselves with natural ornaments of animal bones, wood and stones, often questioning the Hume usage of machines in their everyday lives. The only exception is their masks; each Garif is given a mask to be worn from the day they're born until the day they die.

The Garif have worshipped Magicite since ancient times, and tribal legends tend much wisdom concerning the Stones. When the time is right, the elders teach these lessons to the youth of their village.

For further information on the Garif and their customs, see our section covering Jahara.

Bestiary Description

"This race of large-framed, well-muscled humanoids have bodies covered in thick fur.

The Garif adorn themselves simply with ornaments of stone and bone, preferring natural objects over those crafted or otherwise changed from their original form. The one excception is their masks: each is unique, and is worn for the duration of its owner's life.

The Garif worship Magicite as a sacred substance, and possess deep cultural knowledge of the Stones."

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