Lhusu Mines

The Lhusu Mines are located at the northeastern end of Bhujerba.

Sage Knowledge

"A crystal mine located on the sky continent of Dorstonis. Many years have passed since the ore veins were first discovered here, yet even today, high-quality ones are found and processed in these well-worked shafts.

Many claim that the success of the mines is due to a project begun many centuries past by the Ondore family, whereby mining across their domains was closely regulated, never permitting too much to be drawn from one place, thereby allowing the Magicite crystals to naturally recover.

The Lhusu Mines are most famous for their high caliber of skystone, the material which enables Airships to ply the skies, and memstone, a variety of Magicite that can store sound and even images in its unique crystalline structure.

Unfortunately, the dense concentrations of Mist in the mines lure all manner of beasts, and when mining expeditions are planned, palings must be erected to keep such creatures at bay."


Killer Mantis
Dark Lord
Skull Defender
Aerieel (rare)
Disma (rare)
Gemhorn (rare)
Bombshell (rare)


Nidhogg ("Marauder in the Mines" Mob Hunt)

Elite Marks

Rocktoise ("The Cry of Its Power" Mob Hunt)
Antlion ("Antlion Infestation" Mob Hunt)
Enkidu, Gilgamesh ("Battle on the Big Bridge" Mob Hunt)

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