International Zodiac Job System

The international version of FFXII was released on August 9, 2007 in Japan and boasts a whole slew of new features:

The Zodiac Job System

There are now 12 License Boards, each one representing a job; however, once a character chooses a job, they are stuck with it throughout the entire game.

Trial Mode

The party must fight through 100 stages, each one containing stronger monsters. Completing this mode unlocks New Game+: Weak Mode.

Controllable Guests

Guest Characters can now be controlled and their Gambits edited; however, their equipment cannot be changed/removed.

Controllable Espers

Espers can now be controlled once summoned, and their gambits can be edited. You can use their ultimate attack at will.

Speed Boost

Holding L1 speeds up the game, making getting around much more convenient.

Gambit Changes

There are 16 new Gambits, all of which can be purchased upon leaving Barheim Passage.

Item Changes

New Items have been added, and some of their effects slightly altered.

Enemy Changes

Some enemies have had minor changes and, some new, additional enemies have been added as well. A battle against all five Judge Magisters is also included.

Magick Changes

Some Magick has been renamed, while others have been moved to other categories. Not all Magick can be bought, either. Some must be found in treasure chests.

Equipment Changes

Some weapons, armor and accessories have been slightly changed. New weapons have been added.

Shop Listings

Some shops have had their inventory changed.

Quickening Changes

Quickenings no longer consume MP; instead, they have their own Quickenings bar.

MP Changes

As mentioned above, since Quickenings no longer consume MP, obtaining Quickenings doesn't increase MP, either. Instead, characters simply get more MP as they level up, with Max MP determined by job.

New Game+

Two New Game+ modes are available: Strong Mode, where all characters begin at level 90, and Weak Mode, where all characters begin at level 1 and never level up. Nothing carries over into these new save files.

Treasure Respawns

Treasure chests now respawn after moving only one screen away (as opposed to two).

Break Damage Limit

There is no longer a damage limit. If a Character does more than 9999 damage, the game will show it.

Lastly, unlike Final Fantasy X-2 International, which supported old Final Fantasy X-2 save files, this game does not support save files from the old Final Fantasy XII.

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