On occasion, Grimoires appear for sale in the Bazaar when certain conditions are fulfilled. They greatly enhance the frequency and quality of Loot from particular kinds of monsters and are worth obtaining as soon as possible. In fact, you may even want to give them priority over new Equipment, Magicks and Technicks. The sooner you obtain the Grimoires, the sooner your drop quality will improve.

Early in the game when your gil is limited, we recommend aiming to at least get the "Hunter's Monograph" and "Warmage's Monograph" as soon as possible.

Name Cost Contents Enhances Loot From Requirements
Forgotten Grimoire 18000 Hunter's Monograph Beasts/Avions After completing the Thextera/"Wolf in the Waste" Mob Hunt, speak with Gatsly in Muthru Bazaar.
Forgotten Grimoire 19000 Knight's Monograph Giants/Insects Talk to any weapon merchant more than 30 times.
Forgotten Grimoire 20000 Warmage's Monograph Amorphs/Undead Read the hunt bulletin board more than 20 times.
Forgotten Grimoire 21000 Mage's Monograph Fiends Talk to any magick merchant over 25 times.
Forgotten Grimoire 22000 Scholar's Monograph Constructs Talk to any armor merchant more than 15 times.
Forgotten Grimoire 22000 Dragoon's Monograph Dragons/Plants Read the hunt bulletin board more than 40 times.
Forgotten Grimoire 25000 Sage's Monograph Elementals Talk to any merchant over 100 times.
Morbid Urn 250000 Canopic Jar All enemies can drop Arcana. Sell Phobos Glaze x1, Horakhty's Flame x1, Deimos Clay x1 to Bazaar.

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