New to the Final Fantasy series, Gambits offer a simple way to guide your party in combat without having to dictate each specific action they perform. They allow you to program each character to react automatically in a predetermined manner when faced with a specific situation. In other words, user-controlled Aritificial Intelligence.

Gambits allow you to take as much or as little control in each battle as you desire. When set up properly, Gambits can usually handle most battles against common enemies; however, bosses and rare monsters often require a more hands-on approach. Also, your programming capabilities are limited by the number of Gambits you've purchased and found thus far.

Keep in mind that having Gambits enabled isn't always a good thing. In major/important battles against extremely tough enemies, it's often best to use only a few simple healing and attack gambits, while leaving the rest up to manual input. This prevents your Characters from wasting valuable MP, accidentally using Technicks that have no affect on the enemy, etc.

Also, after creating Gambits for each of your Characters, you must arrange them in an order that allows them to work properly. The Gambits at the top of the list are given priority over the others and thus, it's usually smart to place reviving/curing Magicks/Items above/before your basic attacks.

Click on one of Gambit types below to view the available programming commands:

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