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Can I invert the cameral controls?

No, you cannot. Sorry!

Why does the voice acting have low sound quality?

In order to compress it enough to fit on the game disc; FFXII is an enormous game. Do not worry, though—you will get used to it. The voice acting is still wonderful.

What's the difference between the armor types?

Light armor boosts your HP and speed; heavy armor boosts your defense and strength; mystic armor boosts your Magick stats/power/ability.

What are Mob Hunts?

Exactly what they sound like! Basically, someone posts a request for the slaying of an enemy/mob on the bulletin boards throughout Ivalice and, when you read their request, you go and speak with the person who posted it. They will fill you in on the specifics: the reason they want to kill the monster, where to find it, the conditions for making it appear, etc. Once you have defeated the mob, return to the person who posted the request and you will receive a reward for your efforts.

Why am I Silenced?

Chances are you've tried using Echo Herbs and Remedies, casting Vox and Esuna, touching a crystal, etc.; however, you're still Silenced. The reason is because of your accessory; it has an "Equip: Silence" effect. Take it off and you'll be fine.

Why don't I have MP?

For the same reason you were likely Silenced. Check your accessory! It likely "Reduces MP to 0" when equipped. Take it off and you'll be fine.

Why isn't the weather in Giza Plains changing?

The weather in Giza Plains is 'locked' during two parts of the game. From the time you start until the time you reach Raithwall's Tomb, the season will always be 'the dry'. From the time you complete the events in Raithwall's Tomb until the time you leave Jahara, the season will always be 'the rains'. After reaching Eruyt Village and subsequently bringing back the lost Viera in Henne Mines, the weather will routinely change based on your game clock: two hours of 'the dry', one hour of 'the rains', two hours of 'the dry', one hour of 'the rains', etc.

Where do I get the Site 11 key?

Go to the Hunter's Camp in Phon Coast, head to the northwest part of the map, and look for the guy who's fallen from Bhujerba. The key will be glimmering on the ground beside him.

Why can't I hit flying monsters?

You can't hit flying monster with melee weapons unless you have the "Telekinesis" Technick. The only other way to damage them is by using Bows, Crossbows, Guns, Hand-Bombs and Magicks.

Are Wedge and Biggs in this game?

Yes, but it's easy to miss them! They can be found in Nalbina; they are the two guards by the entrance to The Mosphoran Highwaste. HOWEVER, the reason it's easy to miss them is because their names have been altered to "Deweg and Gibbs." Clever, huh?

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