Similar to Katana and Ninja Swords, it's easy to combo attack with Poles on a frequent basis. When using Poles, consider equipping the "Genji Gloves" (which increase the rate of combo attacks) or the "Cat-ear Hood" (which increase a character's speed by 50 and more than doubles the amount of turns a character gets, thus vastly increasing the number of opportunities for a combo attack to occur).

For this class of weapon, the damage output is determined by your character's strength and the Pole's attack rating; however, instead of checking these factors against an enemy's defense, they are checked against the enemy's magick defense! This makes Poles a an extraordinary choice against enemy's without Shell and/or a strong magick defense; you will decimate them.

» All Poles add 25 to evasion.

Name LP ATK Effects Location Cost
Oaken Pole 15 +27 -- Rabanastre, Bhujerba 1300
Cypress Pole 15 +33 Earth element Rabanastre 2000
Battle Bamboo 25 +39 -- Rabanastre, Jahara 3200
Musk Stick 25 +45 -- Jahara, Mt. Bur-Omisace, Rabanastre 4300
Iron Pole 30 +51 Slow Mt. Bur-Omisace, Nalbina Fortress, Rabanastre 5300
Six-fluted Pole 30 +57 -- Mosphoran Highwaste, Phon Coast 6800
Gokuu Pole 30 +63 -- Phon Coast, Archades 9000
Zephyr Pole 35 +69 Wind element Balfonheim 11200
Ivory Pole 35 +75 -- Balfonheim 13500
Sweep 45 +81 -- Bhujerba 16200
Eight-fluted Pole 45 +88 -- Steal from rare monster, Vagrant Soul, in the Pharos; steal from rare monster, Abelisk, in the Ridorana Cataract. --
Whale Whisker 125 +108 -- Sell Mythril x3, Corpse Fly x3, Aquarius Gem x4 to Bazaar. 60000
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