Ninja Swords

Having an even higher rate of combo attacks than Katana, Ninja Swords are a terrific option for damage dealers. Their only downfall is that they contain the Dark element and thus, it's important you avoid using them against enemies that are immune to or absorb Dark. When using Ninja Swords, consider equipping the "Genji Gloves" (which increase the rate of combo attacks) or the "Cat-ear Hood" (which increase a character's speed by 50 and more than doubles the amount of turns a character gets, thus vastly increasing the number of opportunities for a combo attack to occur).

For this class of weapon, the damage output is determined by your character's strength and speed, the Ninja Sword's attack rating, and the enemy's defense.

» All Ninja Swords add 20 to evasion.

Name LP ATK Effects Location Cost
Ashura 40 +51 Dark element Mt. Bur-Omisace, Nalbina Fortress, Rabanastre 5600
Sakura-saezuri 40 +56 Dark element Rabanastre, Nalbina Fortress, Mosphoran Highwaste 7000
Kagenui 40 +62 Dark element, Slow Phon Coast, Archades 10000
Koga Blade 45 +67 Dark element Cockatrice Side Quest. --
Iga Blade 45 +67 Dark element Treasure in Sochen Cave Palace. --
Orochi 45 +72 Dark element, Disable Sell Coeurl Whisker x2, Sickle-Blade x2, Cancer Gem x3 to Bazaar. 15200
Yagyu Darkblade 80 +80 Dark element Drops from rare monster, Bombshell, in Lhusu Mines. --
Ninja Swords | FFXII US
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