Basically the ranged equivalent of Axes & Hammers, Hand-Bombs can inflict either heavy damage, or little damage at all. Like Bows, Crossbows and Guns, Hand-Bombs have no additional effects. However, many Bomb types provide the means for additional effects: Poison, Confuse, etc.

For this class of weapon, the damage output is determined by your character's strength and vitality, the Hand-Bomb's attack rating, and the enemy's defense. Hand-Bombs do not give a bonus to evasion.

Name LP ATK Location Cost
Hornito 25 +50 Mt. Bur-Omisace, Nalbina Fortress, Rabanastre 5800
Fumarole 25 +58 Phon Coast 8500
Tumulus 30 +66 Archades 12000
Caldera 30 +75 Balfonheim 16000
Volcano 45 +85 Reward for completing "Paying for the Past" Mob Hunt. --

And the Bombs:

Name ATK Effects Location Cost
Onion Bombs +1 -- Nalbina Fortress, Jahara, Mt. Bur-Omisace 100
Poison Bombs +2 Poison Sell Bomb Shell x1, Fire Crystal x3 to Bazaar. 9800
Stun Bombs +2 Stop Reward for completing "The Deserter's Revenge" Mob Hunt. --
Stink Bombs +2 Sap Reward for completing "Carrot Stalk" Mob Hunt. --
Oil Bombs +3 Oil Sell Bomb Ashes x3, Book of Orgain x2, Fire Crystal x3 to Bazaar. 10625
Chaos Bombs +4 Confuse Sell Bomb Shell x4, Book of Orgain-Cent x3, Fire Crystal x7 to Bazaar. 17800
Water Bombs +5 Water element Sell Book of Orgain x3, Putrid Liquid x3, Water Crystal x10 to Bazaar. 7800
Castellanos +6 -- Sell Bomb Fragment x3, Frog Oil x2, Aries Gem x3 to Bazaar. 12000
Hand Bombs | FFXII US
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