Although Guns are slow to fire (taking almost twice as long as any other weapon type), they compensate by being 100% accurate. Like Bows and Crossbows, Guns have no additional effects. However, many Bullet types provide the means for additional effects: Silence, Petrify, etc.

For this class of weapon, the damage output is determined soley by the attack power of Gun and its Ammunition—an enemy's defense is of no consequence when determining damage.

» All Guns add 10 to evasion.

Name LP ATK Location Cost
Altair 30 +6 Rabanastre, Bhujerba, Nalbina Fortress; Balthier's starting weapon. 500
Capella 30 +10 Rabanastre, Bhujerba 1400
Vega 40 +14 Rabanastre 2400
Sirius 40 +18 Rabanastre, Jahara 4000
Betelgeuse 50 +22 Mt. Bur-Omisace, Jahara, Nalbina Fortress, Rabanastre 5400
Ras Algethi 50 +26 Rabanastre, Nalbina Fortress, Mosphoran Highwaste 7000
Aldebaran 60 +30 Phon Coast, Archades 10000
Spica 60 +34 Balfonheim 13000
Antares 80 +39 Balfonheim 16000
Arcturus 80 +44 Sell Yensa Fin x2, Wyvern Wing x2, Salamand Halcyon x1 to Bazaar. 19800
Fomalhaut 150 +50 Treasure in Cerobi Steppe, Lhusu Mines, the Pharos. --

And the Bullets:

Name ATK Effects Location Cost
Onion Shot +1 -- Nalbina Fortress, Jahara, Mt. Bur-Omisace 100
Silent Shot +1 Silence Sell Fish Scale x2, Green Liquid x1, Dark Stone x3 to Bazaar. 1680
Aqua Shot +3 Water element Sell Yensa Scale x1, Green Liquid x3, Water Stone x4 to Bazaar. 2980
Wyrmfire Shot +3 Fire element Back to Barheim Side Quest reward. --
Mud Shot +2 Earth element, Blind Sell Ichthon Scale x4, Silver Liquid x3, Earth Crystal x3 to Bazaar. 9080
Windslicer Shot +4 Wind element Sell Ring Wyrm Scale x4, Silver Liquid x5, Wind Crystal x7 to Bazaar. 15200
Dark Shot +4 Dark element Reward for completing "The Black Sorcerer" Mob Hunt. --
Stone Shot +3 Petrify Sell Mirror Scale x2, Tyrant Bone x2, Libra Gem x3 to Bazaar. 15000
Click image to view full-sized picture of all Guns.

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