Bazaar Packages

After selling certain combinations of Loot to merchants, it's assembled/synthesized into special packages and becomes available for purchase in the Bazaar. You don't have to sell the required Loot combinations all at once, nor do you need to sell the Loot to the same merchant—they're all connected to the same system.

Note that when selling Loot to make one of the below Bazaar Packages appear in the merchants' Bazaar menus, you can only sell the Loot required for a single item at a time. Take the "Life Crystal" Bazaar Package for example: when you sell the required Arcana x10, Feystone x1, and Soul of Thamasa x1 to a merchant in order to make this package appear in the Bazaar menu, make sure you don't sell any excess of these items. If you instead sell twice the amount of required Loot in order to save time and make the "Life Crystal" Bazaar Package appear twice, you will be wasting both your time and your Loot, as only ONE will appear and all excess Loot you've sold will be lost. In order to prevent this, sell only what is required in order to make each Bazaar Package appear, then exit, buy the newly available Bazaar Package, rinse and repeat. You must be careful!

Refer to the following chart to help you plan things out ahead of time:

Name Loot Cost Contents
Antidote Set Drab Wool x2 100 Antidote x3
Unassuming Surcoat Wolf Pelt x2, Earth Stone x1 180 Chromed Leathers x1
Gilt Shield Molting x1, Fire Stone x1 270 Escutcheon x1
Tail of the Phoenix Small Feather x3 400 Phoenix Down x2
First-aid Kit Large Feather x3 450 Phoenix Down x2, Potion x2
Assorted Leathers Wolf Pelt x2, Tanned Hide x1, Dark Stone x2 680 Leather Breastplate x1, Leather Headgear x1
Bow & Bodkin Bat Fang x1, Rat Pelt x2, Dark Stone x2 600 Parallel Arrows x1, Shortbow x1
Eye Drop Set Demon Eyeball x2 100 Eye Drops x3
Marksman's Delight Fish Scale x2, Green Liquid x1, Dark Stone x3 1680 Silent Shot x1, Capella x1
Light Spear Horn x2, Foul Flesh x2, Wind Stone x3 1260 Javelin x1
Iron-forged Blade Iron Scraps x3, Foul Flesh x2, Earth Stone x3 1080 Iron Sword x1
Tinctures & Tonics Succulent Fruit x4 700 Potion x5, Handkerchief x3, Gold Needle x3
Arrows Alight Crooked Fang x2, Fire Stone x4 3800 Fiery Arrows x1, Long Bow x1
Rain of Tears Yensa Scale x1, Green Liquid x3, Water Stone x4 2980 Aqua Shot x1, Vega x1
Wooden Pole Bone Fragment x5, Succulent Fruit x3, Earth Stone x4 1800 Cypress Pole x1
Eye Openers Chocobo Feather x4 1280 Phoenix Down x5, Alarm Clock x5
Crimson Blade Solid Stone x2, Glass Jewel x2, Dark Stone x5 4500 Blood Sword x1
Traveler's Garb Braid Wool x2, Tanned Hide x2, Water Stone x5 3280 Feathered Cap x1, Traveler's Vestment x1
Golden Garb Iron Carapace x3, Tanned Hide x2, Dark Magicite x3 6780 Golden Helm x1, Golden Armor x1, Golden Shield x1
Matching Reds Coeurl Pelt x3, Quality Hide x2, Dark Magicite x3 4280 Red Cap x1, Brigandine x1
Smelling Salts, &c. Malboro Vine x4 540 Hi-Potion x4, Smelling Salts x2
Burning Blade Lumber x2, Malboro Vine x2, Fire Stone x6 4680 Flametongue x1
Sipping Wine Tyrant Hide x2 240 Bacchus's Wine x3
Hollow-shaft Arrows Bat Fang x5, Yellow Liquid x1, Water Magicite x3 6280 Bamboo Arrows x1, Loxley Bow x1
Burnished Protectives Wyrm Carapace x2, Quality Hide x2, Fire Stone x6 8400 Burgonet x1, Shielded Armor x1, Ice Shield x1
Burning Fangs Pointed Horn x2 980 Red Fang x5
Alluring Finery Fine Wool x3, Tyrant Hide x1, Ice Magicite x4 5480 Lamia's Tiara x1, Enchanter's Habit x1
Monk's Garb Coeurl Pelt x4, Tyrant Hide x2, Ice Magicite x4 5480 Headband x1, Jujitsu Gi x1
Ranger's Crossbow Crooked Fang x4, Yellow Liquid x2, Ice Stone x1 6480 Long Bolts x1, Crossbow x1
Iron-forged Pole Sturdy Bone x5, Demon Eyeball x3, Fire Magicite x4 4780 Iron Pole x1
Triage Kit Giant Feather x3 2980 Phoenix Down x12, Hi-Potion x3
Magick Shards Festering Flesh x4 1480 Water Mote x5
Ninja Garb Fine Wool x4, Tanned Tyrant Hide x2, Fire Magicite x5 8330 Black Cowl x1, Black Garb x1
Light & Sturdy Garb Coeurl Pelt x6, Tanned Tyrant Hide x2, Storm Magicite x5 9800 Adamant Hat x1, Adamant Vest x1
Huntsman's Crossbow Bundle of Needles x1, Festering Flesh x2, Ice Magicite x5 9980 Stone Bolts x1, Recurve Crossbow x1
Jag-tooth Ninja Sword Giant Feather x5, Festering Flesh x4, Dark Magicite x5 9000 Kagenui x1
Survival Set Malboro Fruit x4 1500 Antidote x12, Eye Drops x12, Echo Herbs x12
Soul of the Fire-bird Bundle of Feathers x3 5980 Phoenix Down x25
Emboldening Arms Quality Pelt x6, Tanned Giantskin x4, Fire Crystal x3 13780 Chakra Band x1, Power Vest x1
Platinum Gear Insect Husk x2, Tanned Giantskin x5, Storm Magicite x6 19120 Platinum Helm x1, Platinum Armor x1, Platinum Shield x1
Noisome Incendiaries Bomb Shell x1, Fire Crystal x3 9800 Poison Bombs x1, Fumarole x1
War Axe Pointed Horn x2, Malboro Fruit x4, Wind Magicite x6 10350 Francisca x1
Warped Blade Bundle of Feathers x6, Maggoty Flesh x4, Fire Magicite x6 11250 Diamond Sword x1
Forked Spear Pointed Horn x4, Maggoty Flesh x5, Wind Magicite x6 11250 Trident x1
Mudslinger Ichthon Scale x4, Silver Liquid x3, Earth Crystal x3 9080 Mud Shot x1, Aldebaran x1
Oil-soaked Incendiaries Bomb Ashes x3, Book of Orgain x2, Fire Crystal x3 10625 Oil Bombs x1, Tumulus x1
Blindflight Quarrels Spiral Incisor x3, Silver Liquid x3, Dark Crystal x3 11220 Black Bolts x1, Hunting Crossbow x1
Phials & Philtres Malboro Flower x3 1980 Vaccine x8, Smelling Salts x16
Potion Crate Screamroot x3 7480 Potion x30, Hi-Potion x20, X-Potion x10
Gigas Gear Prime Pelt x8, Prime Tanned Hide x7, Dark Crystal x7 17800 Gigas Hat x1, Gigas Chestplate x1
Armor-piercing Shot Ring Wyrm Scale x4, Silver Liquid x5, Wind Crystal x7 15200 Windslicer Shot x1, Spica x1
Permafrost Bow & Quiver Spiral Incisor x4, Antarctic Wind x2, Ice Crystal x7 17200 Icecloud Arrows x1, Perseus Bow x1
Befuddling Incendiaries Bomb Shell x4, Book of Orgain-Cent x3, Fire Crystal x7 17800 Chaos Bombs x1, Caldera x1
Mystic Staff Quality Lumber x4, Demon Feather x6, Storm Crystal x7 7200 Cloud Staff x1
Elegant Pole Blood-darkened Bone x8, Demon Feather x6, Wind Crystal x7 12150 Ivory Pole x1
Phoenix Flight Windslicer Pinion x5 8750 Phoenix Down x50
Black Vestments Blood Wool x9, Prime Tanned Hide x7, Dark Crystal x8 22800 Black Mask x1, Black Robes x1
White Vestments Blood Wool x9, Beastlord Hide x7, Holy Crystal x8 22800 White Mask x1, White Robes x1
Nature's Armory Prime Pelt x9, Forbidden Flesh x7, Fire Crystal x8 24650 Crown of Laurels x1, Rubber Suit x1
Forbidding Shield Aged Turtle Shell x2, Destrier Barding x8, Leamonde Halcyon x1 9800 Demon Shield x1
Sturdy Battle Gear Charger Barding x4, Split Armor x2, Pisces Gem x3 14800 Maximillian x1
Magepower Helm Charger Barding x5, Chimera Head x2, Feystone x1 12800 Magepower Shishak x1
Scout's Crossbow Wyvern Fang x4, Ancient Bone x3, Holy Crystal x9 17800 Time Bolts x1, Penetrator Crossbow x1
Water-drop Munitions Book of Orgain x3, Putrid Liquid x3, Water Crystal x10 7800 Water Bombs x1
Samurai's Katana Iron Ore x5, Screamroot x7, Water Crystal x9 13800 Ame-no-Murakumo x1
Double-bladed Knife Windslicer Pinion x5, Malboro Flower x7, Wind Crystal x9 13800 Zwill Crossblade x1
The Leering Blade Solid Horn x4, Demon Tail x7, Dark Crystal x10 14800 Deathbringer x1
Attenuated Greatsword Quality Stone x4, Sky Jewel x7, Holy Crystal x10 14000 Save the Queen x1
Memories of Yore Quality Stone x5 999 Pebble x99
Devastating Incendiaries Bomb Fragment x3, Frog Oil x2, Aries Gem x3 12000 Castellanos x1
Darksteel Blade Orichalcum x2, Chimera Head x2, Taurus Gem x3 17800 Stoneblade x1
Arrows of the Moon Goddess Vampyr Fang x2, Dorsal Fin x2, Gemini Gem x3 15000 Artemis Arrows x1
Serpent Blade Coeurl Whisker x2, Sickle-Blade x2, Cancer Gem x3 15200 Orochi x1
Well-forged Blade Lifewick x3, Emperor Scale x2, Leshach Halcyon x1 21600 Durandal x1
Comfy Headgear White Incense x2, Einherjarium x2, Virgo Gem x7 30000 Cat-ear Hood x1
Stone Shot Mirror Scale x2, Tyrant Bone x2, Libra Gem x3 15000 Stone Shot x1
The Scorpion Charged Gizzard x3, Wyrm Bone x3, Scorpio Gem x4 60000 Scorpion Tail x1
Silver Bow Beastlord Horn x3, Moon Ring x3, Sagittarius Gem x4 60000 Sagittarius x1
Piercing Bolts Wrath of the Gods x2, Ring Wyrm Liver x2, Capricorn Gem x3 15000 Grand Bolts x1
Cursed Necklace Blood-stained Necklace x3, Death's-Head x2, Leo Gem x3 30000 Nihopalaoa x1
Whisker of the Beast Mythril x3, Corpse Fly x3, Aquarius Gem x4 60000 Whale Whisker x1
Late-model Rifle Wyvern Wing x2, Yensa Fin x2, Salamand Halcyon x1 19800 Arcturus x1
Ultimate Blade Adamantite x2, Death Powder x2, Gnoma Halcyon x1 22800 Ultima Blade x1
Bow of the Moon Goddess Great Serpent's Fang x2, Moondust x2, Sylphi Halcyon x1 15800 Artemis Bow x1
Brilliant Shield Ancient Turtle Shell x2, Ring Wyrm Liver x2, Undin Halcyon x1 12420 Venetian Shield x1
Engraved Spear Ketu Board x2, Broken Spear x2, Mystletainn x2 15300 Gungnir x1
Golden Battle Axe Electrum x2, Broken Greataxe x2, Mardu Halcyon x1 16200 Golden Axe x1
Flask of Oily Liquid Unpurified Ether x2, Caramel x3 4000 Ether x1
Flask of Viscous Liquid Unpurified Ether x2, Foul Liquid x2, Slime Oil x1 12000 Hi-Ether x1
Saint's Draught Ambrosia x3, Demon Drink x3, High Arcana x1 36000 Elixir x1
Esoteric Draught Onion x3, Rat Tail x3, High Arcana x2 108000 Megalixir x1
Life Crystal (repeatable) Arcana x10, Feystone x1, Soul of Thamasa x1 9999 High Arcana x1
Jewel of the Serpent (repeatable) Snake Skin x4, Serpent Eye x2, High Arcana x1 19998 Serpentarius x1
Jewel of Creation (repeatable) Soul Powder x1, Wargod's Band x2, High Arcana x1 29997 Empyreal Soul x1
Matchless Metal (repeatable) Scarletite x1, Damascus Steel x2, Hell-Gate's Flame x2 29997 Gemsteel x1
Master-crafted Blade Gemsteel x2, Orichalcum x3, Mallet x2 350000 Masamune x1
The Sunflower Gemsteel x3, Empyreal Soul x3, Serpentarius x3 600000 Tournesol x1
Dragon Crest Omega Badge x1, Godslayer's Badge x1, Lu Shang's Badge x1 65535 Wyrmhero Blade x1
Mysterious Substance (repeatable) Grimoire Togail x3, Grimoire Aidhed x3, Bat Wing x1 14999 Dark Matter x1
Magick Shard Glass Jewel x8, Sky Jewel x8, Diakon Halcyon x1 99 Holy Mote x1
Magick Shard Book of Orgain x8, Book of Orgain-Cent x8, Book of Orgain-Mille x8 499 Scathe Mote x1
Potion Pack (repeatable) Cactus Fruit x2 70 Potion x2
Hi-Potion Pack (repeatable) Rainbow Egg x1 1111 Hi-Potion x10
Chronos Tear Pack (repeatable) Eye of the Hawk x1 333 Chronos Tear x10
Fire-bird's Whisper Jack-o'-Lantern x1 2222 Phoenix Down x10
Vaccine Pack Demon's Sigh x1 999 Vaccine x10
X-Potion Pack Behemoth Steak x1 4444 X-Potion x10
Shell-worked Collar Bomb Shell x2, Four-Leaf Clover x2 8370 Turtleshell Choker x1
Ninja Footgear Slaven Harness x2 450 Gillie Boots x1
Brawler's Fetish Gimble Stalk x2 5940 Amber Armlet x1
Blush of Light Tomato Stalk x2, Magick Lamp x1, Snowfly x1 4500 Firefly x1
Shoes of the Dead Zombie Powder x1, Destrier Mane x1 450 Quasimodo Boots x1
Back Harness Wolf Blood x1 800 Battle Harness x1
Large Gloves Bent Staff x3 4500 Blazer Gloves x1
Chain-link Belt Battlewyrm Carapace x2, Adamantite x1 17820 Bubble Belt x1
Wind Walkers Gysahl Greens x33, Arcana x15 18000 Hermes Sandals x1
Wing Cord Stardust x2 3600 Pheasant Netsuke x1
Gilt Phylactery Tattered Garment x1 3150 Golden Amulet x1
Exquisite Ring Frogspawn x2 14400 Opal Ring x1
Feathered Boots Arctic Wind x1, Broken Sword x1 450 Winged Boots x1

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