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—May 24, 2017
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age releases on July 11, 2017 for the PS4!

—April 13, 2014
The site was down for a number of months; the domain has been renewed and everything is once again functioning.

—February 6, 2010
The site layout has been widened and thus a lot of the content may not seem to be formatted very nicely. It will be fixed up at some point. In the meantime, be sure to check out our newly added guide for information about how to get rare items from treasure chests without fail, including both the Zodiac Spear and Ribbon. Head over to our Guides section and take a look!

—September 13, 2009
Added two new Guides. Be sure to check them out!

—June 22, 2009
Happy belated Father's Day. We apologize for the day of downtime; the site was moved to a different server. All is well now, though. Expect some updates in the coming weeks.

—August 17, 2008
Added three new Wallpapers from Itadaki Street Portable.

—August 17, 2008
Added four new Wallpapers from Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System.

—August 16, 2008
Added the Genji Armor section!

—August 8, 2008
The Forum has been upgraded to a brand new version, which includes brand new features. There is a new set of post icons, a completely redeveloped control panel, a new thread rating system, a new look for the way your posts are displayed, etc. You will find a lot of little changes here and there if you keep your eyes open. Full details can be found in this thread.

—July 11, 2008
Got the Battle System section back up and running! Not really sure what the hold up was, but nonetheless it's here to stay.

—July 8, 2008
Added the Mystic Armor section!

—July 2, 2008
Added the Heavy Armor section! Can you believe it? Two updates within the last few days. Have a great month (and a safe 4th of July for those of you in America)!

—June 30, 2008
Added the Light Armor section!

—June 13, 2008
Added 27 pieces of Fanart!

—May 6, 2008
Our Forum sections have been rearranged and reorganized. Stop on by and see for yourself.

—April 16, 2008
We've finally opened our Videos section. Give it a look! Also, if you haven't noticed, a new Forum theme was released a couple of months ago in an effort to match it to the main site. Be sure to give it a visit.

—February 5, 2008
In celebration of Super Tuesday, we've opened our Guides section. Check it out!

—November 11, 2007
Our apologies for the day of downtime, blank pages and loading errors. We recently moved to a new server, so there were a few kinks to work out. Everything should be ok now.

—October 28, 2007
Updated our site's top graphic and did a bit of modifcation to the Forum.

—October 7, 2007
Finally put up a page for our Mob Hunts section and hope to add specific details for each Hunt at a later date.

—September 13, 2007
Added a content page for the International Version with details on its new features.

—July 22, 2007
We apologize for the long absence. Situations have changed and time available for the site is minimal. Though we are unsure when more updates will be made, we are proud of the content already offered and hope you will use it to its fullest. Also note that the Forum is going through a transitional period at the moment. Four new moderators have been appointed, and we hope you'll help in getting things back off on the right foot.

—February 13, 2007
Though a small update, we added a few Locations pages: Golmore Jungle, Lhusu Mines, Mt. Bur-Omisace and Nabreus Deadlands.

—January 22, 2007
Fixed up some small inconsistencies around the site, added some more details on where to find certain pieces of Loot, added some more images for some of the Airships, and updated our Artwork section with 12 new pieces.

—January 19, 2007
Added pictures for most of the Equipment in the game: Swords, Daggers, Axes & Hammers, Maces, Measures, Katana, Ninja Swords, Spears, Poles, Rods, Staves, Bows, Crossbows, Guns, Hand-Bombs and Shields. They can be found at the bottom of each section.

—January 18, 2007
As you may have noticed, there have been some issues with the site being suspended. This is due to too many CPU resources being used, and we are currently working to resolve this issue and make sure it doesn't happen again. We may change hosts, but haven't decided as of yet. Please be patient; site updates will be delayed a bit while we try and sort things out.

—January 17, 2007
Changed servers. We apologize for the hour+ of downtime. All should be fine now.

—January 10, 2007
Completed our Artwork section and have put it up for all to enjoy! A lot of work went into it, so we hope you'll find it useful.

—January 6, 2007
Added our special/exclusive Glossary section, which will be added to on a regular basis. And on a different note, go Seahawks!

—January 5, 2007
Added a content page for the Garif and FAQ, as well as some more Locations pages. Other small updates include the re-arrangement of some content, minor error corrections, link updates, etc. Also note that we plan to have this front page spiffed up sometime soon.

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